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Artists impression of Monarch Park, Stamford


The planning application has now been submitted.

This website details the vision and plans for the proposed Monarch Park development on the north-western edge of Stamford, on land between the Old Great North Road and Little Casterton Road.

The proposal is being brought forward by Allison Homes, a local development and housebuilder company with headquarters in Bourne, Lincolnshire. Allison Homes is an award-winning organisation with a strong record in creating high quality homes and vibrant new communities across our region and beyond.

Monarch Park would form part of the wider Stamford North sustainable urban extension. This has been identified in both the adopted Local Plan of South Kesteven District Council, and in the proposed Local Plan of Rutland County Council, to support Stamford’s future growth and prosperity over the coming decades and increase the availability of housing and facilities for existing and new residents.

Stamford is one of England’s most distinctive and well-preserved towns. It comes as no surprise that it was designated as the UK’s first Conservation Area in 1967, and the historic core of the town retains a fine collection of historic buildings and spaces. At Allison Homes, we understand that any addition to the storied history of the town must be considered and thoughtfully put together, with the best intentions of the town and its community at heart.


With Monarch Park we have taken that challenge seriously, ensuring that a multitude of considerations – social, economic and environmental - have been taken into account from the start. 

The result, we believe, is a proposal for a vibrant and successful new community that will contribute positively to the vitality of this historic place.

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When completed, Monarch Park would provide:


  • A brand-new community of up to 650 homes, including affordable housing, to contribute to meeting housing need

  • A sustainable development, delivered by an award-winning local housebuilder with the area’s best interests at heart

  • A new 30-hectare Country Park for Stamford

  • A ‘local centre’ providing vital services alongside a community space and a visitor centre

  • A seamless integration with the other parts of Stamford North and strong connections through to the main town

  • Financial contributions to help fund education and health provision and other localised services to meet the needs of the community, in accordance with the Community Infrastructure Levy

  • Modern urban design that complements Stamford’s historic core, built to sustainable construction standards

  • Formal recreation opportunities through accessible sports pitches, and a multi-use games area (MUGA) for netball, 5-a-side football, basketball and more

  • Several children’s playgrounds, with a large play area alongside access to woodland

The public consultation has closed, and the application has now been submitted.

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