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Sustainability and Drainage


Allison Homes is a leader in achieving sustainable construction standards. 


We ‘future proof’ our developments and go beyond the latest standards both as a responsible housebuilder and also in response to customer demand for improved environmental awareness in construction and efficiency in energy consumption. Our homes are built to last and to exceed current building regulations in terms of thermal performance and carbon footprint. We are continually exploring new ways of improving sustainability. Long before standards were introduced on integrating solar PV into the design of residential units, we were regularly fitting solar PV on our developments. 


Our sustainable transport strategy prioritises cycle and pedestrian users, but we are also supporting the electric transformation of car use. We will be providing electric car-charging capability with every new home, helping to encourage a change towards cleaner vehicles.


The proposed Country Park and other green spaces at Monarch Park form a substantial element of the scheme and our environmental and sustainable intentions. Comprising over 60% of the entire development area, the natural spaces of the park will become a home for significant biodiversity improvement - accessible for all to enjoy.


Sustainable drainage


An important part of sustainable development is flood risk management – and this is something we have considered as part of the proposal we are bringing forward.


Monarch Park, and the wider Stamford North development, lies mainly within Flood Zone 1. That designation means there is a less than 0.1% chance of flooding in any year – or in other words, there’s a 1 in 1000 year chance of flooding, so the development is not considered to be at risk of flooding. 


Site drainage, for example for surface rainwater run-off, would be managed through sustainable urban drainage measures (SUDS) well integrated into the design of the formal open space and biodiversity areas:


  • Carriageways to be drained by swales (shallow channels lined with vegetation) or filter strips to treat surface water run-off.

  • Soakaways to houses where infiltration into the ground is feasible.

  • Permeable paving utilised on private driveway areas (infiltration into the ground where viable).

  • Large infiltration ponds designed in to dispose of water sustainably.

Surface Water Drainage Overview

To view as a pdf click here.

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