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Monarch Park local centre


The Monarch Park ‘local centre’ has been designed to act as a focal point for the development, bringing existing and new communities together.


Positioned between the two housing ‘parcels’, it would service the day-to-day needs of Monarch Park residents and others living locally through hosting a range of convenience shopping, social and community facilities, as well as some local business hub opportunities. 


The local centre’s location on the edge of the proposed Country Park green space, and adjacent to the new Main Street running across the development, would also make it the gateway into the Park and provide a focus for visitor activity. A visitor centre and adventure play area are both envisaged.

Although much thought has gone into the principle of the local centre, its exact mix of commercial and community services has not yet been determined – to ensure it reflects local priorities, Allison Homes is inviting local residents to share their views via this consultation on what they would like to see included there. 

Information on future public consultation events will be posted in due course.

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