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The Stamford North Sustainable Urban Extension

Monarch Park forms part of a wider scheme of development in Stamford, called the Stamford North Sustainable Urban Extension, which aims to meet local housing need, encourage inward investment and strengthen the local economy.  


This is the first urban expansion of Stamford on this scale, and has been identified in both the adopted Local Plan of South Kesteven District Council, and in the now withdrawn Local Plan of Rutland County Council to support Stamford’s future growth and prosperity.


Understanding the cherished regard in which Stamford is held by its residents and visitors, all those involved in the Stamford North expansion are committed to delivering a new quarter of the town that is well-planned and founded upon strong principles of good quality urban design, environmental sustainability, and well-connected and balanced, integrated communities.


The Planning Background


Stamford North is a cross-boundary scheme. The Monarch Park site sits within the boundary of Rutland County Council, however the rest of Stamford North lies within South Kesteven District Council’s boundary. 

Stamford North Stamford North has already been allocated for development by South Kesteven District Council and part of the site has also been included as an allocation in the emerging Rutland County Council Local Plan. The South Kesteven District Council Local Plan was formally adopted in January 2020. The Rutland County Council Local Plan was formally submitted to Government for independent examination by the Planning Inspectorate in February 2021. However, the Local Plan was withdrawn by Rutland County Council in September 2021 for reasons unrelated to Stamford North. Please see our Planning Statement under the ‘planning application’ page for details on this.  Stamford North as a whole is expected to deliver around 2,000 new homes, of which up to 650 would be in Monarch Park.

Over the past few years, Allison Homes has worked closely with Rutland County Council, South Kesteven District Council and the Burghley House Preservation Trust, in addition to other parties, to develop plans for Stamford North in line with the policy requirements of the Local Plans. 

A Development Brief for the overall Stamford North scheme is being brought forward by South Kesteven District Council and Rutland County Council. This forms the basis of the Vision that Allison Homes has developed for Monarch Park, which is being brought to life through this proposal.

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