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Aerial view of Monarch Park


Monarch Park would form the western gateway of the larger, planned sustainable urban extension on the northern side of Stamford, known as ‘Stamford North’. The Old Great North Road marks its western boundary and Little Casterton Road runs along its eastern boundary.

Showing Monarch Park, Stamford
Monarch Park Stamford

Monarch Park would therefore be providing up to 650 new homes in a location which has easy access to both existing facilities and open space, while delivering new public benefits including affordable homes and improved recreation opportunities.


The sympathetic development of Monarch Park also provides an opportunity to provide a softer and more appropriate transition between the urban edge of Stamford and its surrounding countryside. 

The Monarch Park area is currently characterised by the clay and stone quarry pits of the former Quarry Farm brickworks, mature and scrub woodland, grasslands, and areas in agricultural use.

Monarch Park logo shield
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