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Traffic mitigation


We understand the importance of getting travel and transport right when developing a new community. 


Assessments of the potential impact that Monarch Park (and the wider Stamford North proposal) might have on local roads have been carried out over the past few years and are still ongoing, particularly with regard to the detailed impact on junctions. A list of the junctions that are being investigated follows below. 


Once conclusions have been reached, mitigations would be proposed where required and agreed with the highways authorities. This would form part of the Transport Assessment submitted as part of future planning applications both on Monarch Park and other parts of the Stamford North development.


The junctions that are being assessed to understand the impact of the proposed development on vehicular traffic are: 


  1. B1081/Sidney Farm Lane Priority Junction

  2. B1081/Empingham Road Priority Junction

  3. A606/B1081 Scotgate/North Street/West Street Signalised Crossroads

  4. A6121/East Street/A1175 Brazenose Lane Signalised Crossroads

  5. A43 Town Bridge/A1175 Wharf Road/St Mary’s Hull Signalised Junction

  6. A43 High Street/Station Road/Water Street Signalised Junction

  7. A1175 Uffington Road/Newstead Lane Priority Junction

  8. A1/B1081 Northbound and Southbound Slip Roads (merge/diverge only)

  9. A1 Southbound Off-Slip /Sidney Farm Lane Loop Priority Junction

  10. A1/A606 North-Facing Slips Priority Junction

  11. A1/A606 South-Facing Slips Priority Junction

  12. A1/A6121 North-Facing Slips Priority Junction

  13. A1/A6121 South-Facing Slips Priority Junction

  14. Tolethorpe/Little Casterton Road Priority Junction

  15. B1081 Old Great North Road/Tolethorpe Priority Junction

  16. B1081 Old Great North Road/Water Lane/Ryhall Road Crossroads

  17. B1081 Casterton Road/Little Casterton Road Priority Junction

  18. A6121 St Paul’s Street/Ryhall Road/Uffington Road Mini Roundabout

  19. A606/Water Lane Priority Junction

  20. A606/Arran Road Priority Junction

  21. A6121 Ryhall Road/Rutland Road Priority Junction

  22. B1081/Quarry Farm Site Access

  23. Little Casterton Road/Quarry Farm Site Access Priority Junction

  24. Little Casterton Road/Stamford North Staggered Priority Crossroads Site Access

  25. A6121/Stamford North Signalised Crossroads Site Access Junction

Stamford Junction Location Plan

Sustainable Transport

At Monarch Park, our approach to transport is aligned with the principles of the Stamford North development – which is ‘Places First’. Based on the ‘Manual for Streets’ guidance by the Department of Transport, this approach places a high priority on meeting the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users, to ensure that growth in these modes of transport is encouraged. 


While all modes of transport would be accommodated at Monarch Park, a key focus is therefore good quality pedestrian and cycle routes providing connections across Stamford North, into Stamford and to local destinations and schools. A new, accessible bus route across Stamford North is also planned. 

The ‘Places First’ approach also places a high priority on:


  • Recognising the importance of the community function of streets – which serve to integrate neighbourhoods rather than segregate them

  • Promoting inclusive design for all users

  • Creating networks of streets to maximise permeability and connectivity

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